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Hey. My Name is Ilari Kohtamäki. I design, produce, research, think and understand. People’s needs, interactions, processes, aesthetics, user experiences and strategies. Communication in the ever changing world. Web design and digital concepts. Words, sound, and visual. Events and social sciences.

From abstract to concrete I build bridges to help projects flourish. Escape from the noise and identify the relevant. Creative thinking digested into products and design with tools such as:  Wordpress, Figma, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere, Google Analytics / Ads, Facebook / Instagram marketing tools, HTML5, CSS, Excel, SPSS, Drones, Ableton and Moleskine.


My client list includes: National Institute for Health and Welfare (FIN), VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (FIN), Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (FIN), YLE, Aalto University, University of Helsinki, Helsinki City, Finnish Medical Research, Live Nation, Marttaliitto, Finnish Women’s Association, Kaiku Studios, Dance All Day, Supersounds, Cirko, Sidney’s, Real Life Room Escape, Visio, Katve, Betonipallas, Koto-SIB, Erottaja Pharmacy,  50/50 Trading, Kaisa Liski LKV, Turhala, Fondamenta, Eforit, KRH and numerous artists, promoters, freelancers and small scale organisations in Helsinki and Berlin.

Besides the current projects in hand my daily life consists of nurturing two long term projects, writing a Sociology PhD on how social media changes social and making music that merges the electronic production tools with organic human groove. The summers I spend touring in Finland and winters thinking near the equator. The times between I’m based in Helsinki. Please don’t hesitate to contact me in whatever matter. I’m easily persuaded into most things out of the box and happy to work in any project with a positive team that I could help thrive.

Working with people from multiple fields of life keeps me excited and stuck in a never ending learning curve. Designers, entrepreneurs, engineers, academics, actors, musicians, public officials and students all provide unique ways of perceiving reality. Diversity of perspectives keeps the mind fresh and ready to connect the dots when necessary. It is also the key to asking the right questions in order to find the most convenient solutions.